- FF-Photon -
Functional Thin-Film Ferroelectric Materials for CMOS Compatible Photonics



Ferroelectric materials have been extensively explored for various practical applications such as nonvolatile memories and capacitors. Of particular interest is the strong electro-optic effect in many ferroelectrics that is absent in silicon. Recently, thin-film ferroelectric materials have attracted increasing attention as advanced functional photonic materials in CMOS compatible silicon photonics. While proof-of-concept demonstrations of functional ferroelectric layers have already been given, neither the manufacturing nor characterization can cope with the challenges posed by a future chip-scale photonic fabrication.

In this interdisciplinary project, we will investigate the light-matter interaction of epi-grown thin-film ferroelectric materials and develop the related manufacturing and characterization technologies. As an outcome of the project we envision a deep and comprehensive understanding of the photo-responsive process of ferroelectric thin-films and the establishement of a platform for CMOS compatible ferroelectric thin-films and enabled innovative optical devices. Swiss, Japanese and Italian project partners will work on the device design and fabrication, film integration, material and device characterization, respectively, with mutual collaborations.


Project Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Juerg Leuthold
ETH Zürich
Tel:+41 44 633 80 10
Fax:+41 44 633 80 11
Project Manager: Dr. Ping Ma
ETH Zürich
Tel:+41 44 633 83 89
Fax:+41 44 633 80 11
Project Duration: 10/2014 - 03/2017